Thursday, August 27, 2009

Patty & Chris Hamilton, Austin Wedding Photographer

I've been wanting to blog this wedding ALL week but I have been one little busy bee and time just slipped away and now it's Thursday night at practically midnight and I just got home from our gig at the Tiniest bar (which was awesome...thanks to those who came out) and is the perfect time! So Miss Patty here are some teasers for you my dear....I can't wait for us to sort through the rest for the BOOK...Ahhhhh happiness!

Patty and Chris got married this past Saturday at the University Christian Church on campus. Even with my aggie blood that runs through these veins, I loved UT campus. It was gorgeous and just being there made me want to be back in school again....(sigh).

(click on the images to view larger)

Go sister for capturing some of these photos below like the window shot and Patty's awesome expression...she's gonna be going solo before you know it.

Loved the bookshelves touch!


  1. As a huge UT longhorn fan, I can tell you that this wedding rocks! Great set of photos and the bride looks {stunning}! Burnt orange never looked so classy! - Rachel