Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Baby Avery, Austin newborn Photography

I've been looking forward to our shoot with baby A for sometime now. We did Momma Julie's maternity pics back in June and waited closer to the fall to take their Christmas/newborn pics! Avery was so good for our photoshoot and even fell sound asleep at the end to let us capture those precious "sleeping baby" pictures. Even though we didn't get to use their "oh so fabulous" baby room Julie brought the room decor to us. LOVE the damask!

I am officially obsessed with this hat and might try to make one :)

I think I found my new Holiday promo picture! Muah


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rosehill, Austin Lifestyle Photographer

Everyone meet Rosehill (Mitch McBain and Blake Myers), an awesome Texas Country/Rock band based out of Houston, TX. These guys were a blast to shoot this past weekend and are definately not bad to look at...am I right ladies? They had a show Saturday night in College Station so we met there to do some pics down on Northgate and then out and about near Bryan. I can't wait to see them live. Check out their music and tour dates on their website.

Holiday Session update, Austin Family Photographer

So, October is almost here and if you haven't booked your Holiday session then you might be outta luck....I only have a few slots left in Portland/Corpus Christi, Midland and Dallas. If you're in Houston email me for availability. For those in Austin I still have some dates available so just send me a quick email and we'll figure something out.

Anywho, I thought I'd refresh everyone's memories with the packages this year and prices for individual orders for cards. All of my 2009 card designs are on my facebook page or on my BLOG. I will be posting some 2008 designs as well and a couple of newbies for this year very soon so stay Tuned.

Back to the basics: $150
5 edited imagescard design
ALL digital negatives on a cd


BUILD YOUR OWN PACKAGE: for only $299 (regular price $425)
Everything inlcuded in the basic package
PLUS 5 additional edited images (10 total)
ALL digital negatives

Plus choose 2 (two) additional items from the following fabulous list:
8x8 10pg Layflat Book
10x10 Gallery Wrap Canvas
10x10 or 11x14 Canvas on Matboard
(3) 7x5 Spiral Tented Desk Calendars
(50) Double Sided Glossy Cards in 4x8 and 5x7
(25) Folded 5x7 Glossy Cards

Stocking Stuffer prices:
$75- (50) Double sided Glossy cards in 4x8 or 5x7
$50-(25) Folded 5x7 Glossy cards

I'm really excited about all of my locations this year and prop ideas so be ready for some fun!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Meredith & JR Wedding, Austin Wedding Photographer

Part Two:

Here they are folks....I've posted MANY more on my facebook so friend me and go take a look. LOVE YOU GUYS! www.facebook.com/twintyphotography

Monday, September 14, 2009

Mr. Gus!, Austin Senior Photographer

SO I'm a little behind on some posts but I've got some cool exciting news to share... I am a MENTOR...Woohoo! My new little "Mentee" Fresh intern has arrived and is uber smart and fantastic! Miss Carsen is a Junior at Westlake High and has decided to use me as a mentor for one of her independent studies this session...I'm so flattered! So if we have a shoot over the next couple of months you'll probably see this cute eccentric Austinite following us around helping out so please make her feel welcome! Thanks girl!

On another note, I met Gus a couple of weekends ago at the Frio River during our show with Gary P. Nunn and Nate Kipp. My newfound best bud was eager to help out once I filled him in on a possible shoot that following week-which I so happened to need a model :) He's got the camera in the palm of his hands :) Thanks Gus, can't wait to show you the rest.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

SUPRISE! Mr. & Mrs. Ketter, Austin Wedding Photographer


My face is still hurting from smiling sooooo much on Friday night. Even Saturday thinking back to what had just happened was just so surreal and exciting I couldn't stop smiling.

Friday, September 11th, 2009, what should have been the day one of my best friends was going to get proposed to and surprised with an engagement party out at the beautiful Horseshoe Bay Marriott Resort, turned into a Surprise WEDDING....that fooled all of us. IT WAS AWESOME!

Let's see where to begin. Back in May JR (the groom) contacted us to fill us in on his plans to propose bc he wanted to make sure we were there to photograph it. They kept talking about eloping so he wanted to make sure friends and family got to be at something so the planning for the surprise engagement party started. Meredith is the biggest SNOOP and always knows everything it seems so everyone kept this hush hush over the summer so that she can be surprised for once in her life....hahaha it's just too funny to think back about all the conversations and things that were said now as to hints that could've given it away. I mean she even had me going one night thinking she was tired of waiting for him to pop the question so she was going to do it that night....she was probably rolling over in her chair listening to me squirm and try to give reasons why she should wait and let him have that moment. :) Plus I did an engagement session for her (calling it a lifestyle session) thinking she's just nuts and wants to be prepared for when it comes...of course in my mind I'm thinking, oh perfect I'll have pics for them at the party. LORD.

Anywho, Friday we pull up and we've had our suspicions about something going on due to little things here and there but still we weren't sure exactly what it was going to be....Soooo, Amy and I get there when we were told and we walk in and were ushered to this room with big grand doors that is just screaming "a big surprise lies behind these doors"! Then the doors slowly open and there hanging in the corner is a GORGEOUS ivory wedding gown and our beautiful blonde friend in all smiles saying "Surprise...I'm getting married". Ahhhhhhhh, from then on I literally could not stop smiling. We were told we were bridesmaids, singers and photographers for the night....hahah. Love it!

Only their parents and a couple of friends, who helped execute the event, knew about it and the rest of the bridesmaids and groomsmen were told one by one when everyone arrived in the bar at 6:00. Then shortly after, the rest of the party was ushered into the ceremony area where a candlelit isle and black and white modern programs lie on the chairs. The reactions were priceless from the crowd and in walks her step-dad down the isle who stopped at the front and turned around. (He got ordained online so that he could marry the couple and be an integral part of her day as well as her father.)

Amy, myself and Carmen (another bridesmaid) start singing and in comes the most gorgeous bride you've ever seen. (I might be biased but hey she was stunning!). Then the rest was history. They were sooooo excited to finally have their secret out with their best friends and closest family members.

Anywho, I am all about surprise weddings or surprise proposals so if anyone is looking for a photographer...I'm your gal! :) Also Mrs. Sunny Jensen at Alpine Florists did an AMAZING job coordinating the decor and the floral arrangements that I'm sure I'll show really soon. Here's a quick teaser of our sweet Mrs. Ketter for those of you girls who are dying to see what she wore!

We love you guys and Congratulations!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

2009 End of the Year Specials, Austin Wedding Photographer

Calling all Procrastinating Brides: Have no fear, your photographer is here!
If you are looking for a Photographer for your 2009 wedding look no further...I only have a handful of dates available but I am slashing my prices to fill them up for the rest of 2009 dates. Email me for availability.

6 hours
cd of digital negatives
(*travel fees not included above)

For those Off the wall Brides or Maid of Honors wanting something different for their bachelorette parties, make it a night to remember with a personal photoshoot or if you'd like for me to just capture some of the night's activities I'll follow you ladies around.

"Ladies and Lace" Bachelorette Parties
2 hours
12pg 5x5 little black book
cd of digital negatives

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Beautiful Momma to Be, Austin Maternity Photographer

I just love maternity shoots, it's my chance to show these women just how gorgeous they look with twice the size of their normal bellies :) Devann is one of those women who just looks good in anything! I had a blast at their oh-so-stylish house with her and her hubby Jeremy. Gorgeous! Can't wait for little Addi to get here....3.5 weeks....eeeeeek!

Oh and on a different note, My First AD came out in the Austin Statesmen yesterday in the GLOSSY section so hopefully you guys have a copy! Have a fabulous Labor Day and DON'T SPEED, popo's are everywhere!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Rankin Twins, Austin Musicians

For those of you that don't me...or my evil twin :) well here's a chance to see what we look like. I like to randomly post personal blogs so maybe you can see what you'd be working with...haha, and I think these pics are going to sum it all up! I can honestly say we are the happiest little twins today. Yesterday Amy and I opened up our email to find an email from the wonderful Lisa Woods with Now and Then Photography that says: YOU'VE BEEN BLOGGED....EEeeeeeeeek we both shrilled!

See, Sunday evening we had a photoshoot with her for our upcoming album that will hopefully be debuting sometime within the next couple of months that will be called "Headaches and Heartbreaks". So we needed some photos for the album and for the web and what not. It's very different being in front of the lens now since I'm soooo used to sticking behind it but we had very detailed visions and Lisa exectuted ever so nicely! Check em out! More on Lisa's Blog.