Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Rankin Twins, Austin Musicians

For those of you that don't me...or my evil twin :) well here's a chance to see what we look like. I like to randomly post personal blogs so maybe you can see what you'd be working with...haha, and I think these pics are going to sum it all up! I can honestly say we are the happiest little twins today. Yesterday Amy and I opened up our email to find an email from the wonderful Lisa Woods with Now and Then Photography that says: YOU'VE BEEN BLOGGED....EEeeeeeeeek we both shrilled!

See, Sunday evening we had a photoshoot with her for our upcoming album that will hopefully be debuting sometime within the next couple of months that will be called "Headaches and Heartbreaks". So we needed some photos for the album and for the web and what not. It's very different being in front of the lens now since I'm soooo used to sticking behind it but we had very detailed visions and Lisa exectuted ever so nicely! Check em out! More on Lisa's Blog.


  1. Ya'll look absolutely AMAZING :)

  2. Thanks Elsie! We miss you...and hope to see you this Saturday at our show at the Aardvark in Ft Worth at 10pm :)