Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Anthropologie ladies

Remember my intern from last fall? Carsen? Well her and a group of her friends got together and met me down at Austin's funky Cathedral of Junk down off South 1st and Oltorf. We LOVE this unique. It was the perfect place for this group of gals. They were so fun and so Anthropologie as I like to call it. Thanks girlies for a fabulous shoot! If you're interested in a friends photoshoot shoot me an email.

Calling All 2010 Seniors

It's never too late to get pictures taken. Back when I was in highschool we used to love taking group pictures with all of our friends so why not bring that back? I've put a package together for you and your friends to get some individual as well as group photos with those that you love.

So if you're shy, or short on cash or just want a reason to get some fun pics with your besties this is a perfect plan! So grab your friends and lets have some fun. We will plan on shooting at one location of your choice, you'll each get a cd with digital negatives with 30 edited images. Email me if you are interested on booking a session.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cousin Kinley, Austin Child Photographer

Our little cousin Kinley is getting sooooo big. She just lights up your day with her precious smile. I can't believe my cousins finally have a baby when we move away from Dallas :(. We got to see her last weekend though but it just wasn't long enough. She's already 9 months old and has a sassy attitude....haha serves her daddy right.

She is so smart and determined. Her mommy sets her toy down a bit away from her bc she's almost crawling. I could've sworn she was just about to but somehow she ends up reaching her goal everytime by pushing her body back and forth. Those little abs must be made of steel. Amy and I tried laying like her for like 30 seconds and were already feeling defeated....haha how do babies do it....legs up arms up.

I love baby tongues....too cute.

Amy was making her smile! Plus mommy always helps!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sunny in Austin, Twinty Photography

What is Boudior you might ask? I think everyone has a different idea about these type of sessions as well as maternity shoots sometimes. Boudior is whatever you make it to be. It's a shoot to make you feel sexy, pretty and loved. If you just want a more personal image or something to show off your best assets for the one you love then this session is for you. I met Sunny a couple of weeks ago at Le San Michele, a beautiful wedding venue in Budah, TX. Sunny owns Alpine Florists and is a wedding coordinator and owner of Austintatious Weddings. Busy bee! Go check her out.

Sunny wanted to do some pics for her hubby before he deploys and I'm pretty sure he's going to Love them.

Baby Skyler, Frisco Newborn Photographer

As much as I love baby girls, little boys can be so fun to dress as well. They look good in rock n roll gear as well as preppy cashmere :). Back in December we shot Amber's maternity pics and have been dying to come and meet mr Skyler. This little family is so uber stylish....which we LOVE. His daddy spiked up his hair towards the end and that was the highlight of my day. Why do I love mohawks so much? Even after he pee'd all over mommy and daddy's suede chair we oooh'd and aaaaah'd at all his little moves and outfits.
"Sweet cheeks"

The perfect little Valentine

Monday, February 1, 2010

Miss Charlotte, Austin Newborn Photographer

Meet Miss Charlotte. She is 6 months old and usually sooooo happy until a mean ol photographer like me makes her sit in the freezing cold to take some pictures :). Poor thing, she looked so stinkin cute with her rockin hair and adorable outfit her mommy picked out. Charlotte's mom is an old family friend of ours and her younger sister is one of our very best friends. I still couldn't believe it took 6 months to meet her.

Charlotte, we can't wait to see you again!

Maternity at the Missions, Austin Maternity Photographer

Amy and I met Leo and Kim in San Antonio this Sunday in the FREEZING cold weather... Even though she's 6 months pregnant Kim is like super mommy already and toughed it out like a pro!

Doesn't she look stunning? The Missions National Park is one of my new favorite places and I so wish we had something like this in Austin. Gotta love texas!