Sunday, August 9, 2009

2009 Holiday Christmas Cards, Austin Family Photographer

THEY'RE HERE!!! Twinty Photography's 2009 Christmas Card designs. Please note that most of the colors can be changed as well as fonts and wording.

Below, I've combined the 5x7 folded cards together to show what the FRONT, BACK, and INSIDE look like once opened. Each style has a 4x8 (front and back), a 5x7 (front and back) and a 5x7 (verticle or horizontal folded) design. Let me know if you have any questions. If you'd like to purchase one of my card designs for you're own use please email me for pricing.

Chandelier Design 4x8Chandelier Horizontal 5x7 Folded

Floral Design 4x8
Floral 5x7 Horizontal Folded

Lavender Design 4x8

Lavender 5x7 Vertical Folded

Peace.Love Design 4x8
Peace.Love 5x7 Horizontal Folded

Pink Design 4x8
Pink Verticle 5x7 Folded

Swirls Design 4x8
Swirls Verticle 5x7 Folded

Squares Design 4x8

Squares Vertical 5x7 Folded

Tidings Design 4x8
Tidings Verticle 5x7 Folded
Wood Design 4x8

Wood Verticle 5x7 Folded


  1. Hi April! Hope you & Keith are doing well! I am interested in your Christmas cards! Do you have prices for the cards? I saw the $150 special you are running in Oct.
    Thanks! Kerry Lischka

  2. Hey, daughter how about we take a family picture together this weekend for the purpose of making chrismas cards to send out. I am also going to put up this information on the bulletin board by cafeteria. Are you sure you want me to post what you sent your Mom or could you create some type of flyer that would promote the Houston area better. Oh, I joined facebook.

    "Daddy Don"