Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Waiting on Avery, Austin Maternity Photography

I showed up to the Inman's saturday afternoon to see the Cutest DIVA baby room eva! It was pink and black and detailes out the wazoo! Loved it! All it needs is a little sugarplum sleeping in her crib :).
You know those lucky women who only gain weight in their tummy and it almost seems like they loose weight everywhere else...that's what this pregnant woman looks like...beautiful! They had the cutest outfits and ideas picked out...I had so much fun thanks so much you guys. Here are just a couple from the maternity shoot.
Go Cowboys!
Future Aggie in the making! WHOOP

This is my fav! The hardhat related to her work and the teddy bear for the softer sweeter side :)

Baby T, Austin newborn Photography

This weekend I actually stuck around Austin and did some shoots here and there as well as relaxed...I think I forgot what that felt like :). My first shoot was with one of my oldest and dearest friends and her beautiful new little baby boy! I still can't get over the fact that my friends have cute little children running around. Nicki and her husband live in Portland, TX (my hometown, ya heard) and drove in for this shoot so I was honored to be chosen to capture his first photo session. It was so hot and they braved the heat to meet me in downtown for some great pics. Nicki's maternity session can be viewed below as one of my first posts on my blog. Woohoo! Love you guys!

And YES...he does have the best kissing cheeks a girl could ask for :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Mr J. and big sis; Austin Child Photographer

Yet another shoot in good ol Dallas. I had the opporunity to run by my old neighbor's house this past weekend and check in on their newest member of the family not even a week old at the time :)... You gotta love his big sister's hair though. Charlotte is soooo stinkin cute and adorable and I can't help but keep my camera on her at all times. You guys looked beautiful and congrats again!
My new little assistant below!

Her laugh is so contagious!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Weddings ONLINE...NEW Feature from Twinty Photography

It's here folks, I am now posting my weddings online for friends and family to view, purchase, and send to others. I'm getting serious people! :)

For any prospective brides out there looking to use my services for your wedding this option will be included with your packages. Hip hip horray!

Go to the website below, type in the last name of the couple and use their last name as the password as well. Thanks so much!

Urban E:Session in Dallas, TX, Austin Engagement Photographer

What do I say about this couple...only that they were Awesome! Their good friend, whom I use to work with, contacted me a while back about getting them the perfect engagement present...ME! So we started discussing areas and ideas and Deep Ellum and White Rock just popped out at us and I think were Perfect for the occasion. Check out their pics below and click on the images to view larger. Thanks Chuck and Molly...I had a blast and thanks for driving us around everywhere. I just got an Iphone so maybe I won't get lost anymore :)

We got a Great view of downtown Dallas from....I'll never tell :) It's our new little secret. Thanks Chuck.

How glamorous do they look? I told them to strike a pose and walla :) LOVE IT. Killer shoes Molly...I'm such a sucker for fun heels.

This wall has every color imaginable splatter-painted on one side...on the other is another colorful design. Deep Ellum truly has some artistic backdrops.

My First Trolley Ride....thanks guys!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cousin Kinley, Austin Newborn Photographer

World, meet the newest addition to my family, my cousin Kinley. While we were in Dallas this past weekend, Amy and I had the opportunity to perform at the Grapevine Opry, do some photoshoots and hang out with my baby cousin. Isn't she precious? Without further ado, here is a sneak peak from our mini session.Her daddy was in Africa on a safari trip during the delivery (which I missed by like 8 hours since I decided not to go in town until the next day...Boo)...anywho, so the jungle animals seemed to be perfect for her first photoshoot.
Mommy and Daddy already teaching her how to WHOOP :), hehe.

I'd like to be on the record when I say "Isn't she the cutest peacock you've ever seen?"

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Father's Day Sessions, Austin Child Photographer

So, I took a little vaca this weekend to the Guadelupe to float the river and had a grand ol' time. It's nice to just shut down the laptop and step away from technology every once in a while. We smored it up, floated the river and soaked up the sun! Perfect weekend with some old Midland buddies.

DAYS (Click on images below to view larger)and NIGHTS (we taught the boys how to get the "skinny arm" look for pics)

However, I'm slacking on my blogging :) so here are a couple of sessions from my Father's Day sessions in Midland a couple of weekends ago. Both families I always LOVE seeing bc the Dortch triplets are close to heart with me being a twin myself, and the Thompson girls are just too much like thier mommy and daddy....such a beautiful family.

Miss Peyton in all smiles! Gotcha cutie!
Daddy's got a house full of beautiful ladies!

They were so cute with each other I had to show the hand holding.

Meet Deacon, Bailee and Aidan. How precious are they?
We met out at the Midland Counry Club and little to my suprise they all had clubs....too precious I tell you.

What a perfect way to end the session with a daddy sandwich...full of kisses!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wester Wedding, Austin Wedding Photographer

Morning everyone,
Amy here and I am April's twin sis if you didn't know. It's time I took some initiative to introduce myself to the Twinty Blog so here I am. This weekend we went to our hometown Midland, TX to photograph Lisa and Jordan's wedding on Saturday. I didn't partake in the wedding photography this time but was there in spirit. Here's a little of what April said about the wedding:
Conratulations Mr. and Mrs. Lisa Wester! You guys looked beautiful and just loved those dresses Lisa. The wedding was at the Golf Course Road Church and
I just can't believe I've never been there. They held the ceremony in this foyer that was very cool! The natural lighting in this location was out of this world. I think I am obsessed with day weddings now!!! Their details were fabulous as well with shades of blues and really cool cakes! LOVED IT!
I had a blast with you guys and you couldn't meet two sweeter people than these two. Thank you for letting me be a part of it! Oh, and they are now my favorite bc you should've seen their display table of all my work (their engagement pics). I was in heaven :)! Here are a couple of teasers from the wedding.

Here are the fabulous cakes I talked about earlier.

Check out the tear captured in this one. It's moments like these that make me love what I do.

Montage of wedding pics
The gorgeous bride Lisa.