Tuesday, September 8, 2009

2009 End of the Year Specials, Austin Wedding Photographer

Calling all Procrastinating Brides: Have no fear, your photographer is here!
If you are looking for a Photographer for your 2009 wedding look no further...I only have a handful of dates available but I am slashing my prices to fill them up for the rest of 2009 dates. Email me for availability.

6 hours
cd of digital negatives
(*travel fees not included above)

For those Off the wall Brides or Maid of Honors wanting something different for their bachelorette parties, make it a night to remember with a personal photoshoot or if you'd like for me to just capture some of the night's activities I'll follow you ladies around.

"Ladies and Lace" Bachelorette Parties
2 hours
12pg 5x5 little black book
cd of digital negatives

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