Thursday, July 30, 2009

Country Gal, Austin Senior Photographer

I'm almost caught up on my blogs from this weekend... I hate that there isn't enought time in the day, and that I have a fulltime job that consumes most of my time, but hey gotta pay the bills!

This next lovely lady was only a 4th grader when I last saw her. In college I was an after school counseler for Kids Klub at Rock Prairie Elementary school and back then Miss Haylee was cute as can be and full of personality...not much has changed except she's a Senior in Highschool....CRAZY! She is Best Friends with my camera and so fun to be around I felt like I was her age again :) Eat your heart out Boys...she's going to be an up-and-coming singer someday!

Thanks for your help with promoting our band...The Rankin Twins and being so darn flexible :)
(Click on the images to view larger)

I love downtown Bryan. I don't know why we didn't ever wander over in that area when I was living in College Station.

Seriously, doesn't she look like an ad for Cavendars or something country?

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