Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sword fights and princesses, Frisco Children Photographer

Let's just start out by saying I love Michaels Arts and Craft Store, not only because I worked at their corporate office in Irving but they really have some great stuff. I found an isle full of $1 items and boy did I go purchase EVER. So when I knew I would have a 4 year old for my shoot on Sunday I was so excited to test out some of my new props. Hahahaha, in the end I think Amy had the most fun. Her new job title is Assistant Sword Fighter....she was awesome keeping Mr. Parker entertained while we got some shots of his little sister Taylor who is 6 months old.

She was such a happy baby, her mom had the cutest vision in mind to show her little tooshie from behind and even her brother was helping us place her at the right angle and straighten out her scarf to capture this beauty.

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