Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Waiting on Avery, Austin Maternity Photography

I showed up to the Inman's saturday afternoon to see the Cutest DIVA baby room eva! It was pink and black and detailes out the wazoo! Loved it! All it needs is a little sugarplum sleeping in her crib :).
You know those lucky women who only gain weight in their tummy and it almost seems like they loose weight everywhere else...that's what this pregnant woman looks like...beautiful! They had the cutest outfits and ideas picked out...I had so much fun thanks so much you guys. Here are just a couple from the maternity shoot.
Go Cowboys!
Future Aggie in the making! WHOOP

This is my fav! The hardhat related to her work and the teddy bear for the softer sweeter side :)

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