Sunday, June 14, 2009

Father's Day Sessions, Austin Child Photographer

So, I took a little vaca this weekend to the Guadelupe to float the river and had a grand ol' time. It's nice to just shut down the laptop and step away from technology every once in a while. We smored it up, floated the river and soaked up the sun! Perfect weekend with some old Midland buddies.

DAYS (Click on images below to view larger)and NIGHTS (we taught the boys how to get the "skinny arm" look for pics)

However, I'm slacking on my blogging :) so here are a couple of sessions from my Father's Day sessions in Midland a couple of weekends ago. Both families I always LOVE seeing bc the Dortch triplets are close to heart with me being a twin myself, and the Thompson girls are just too much like thier mommy and daddy....such a beautiful family.

Miss Peyton in all smiles! Gotcha cutie!
Daddy's got a house full of beautiful ladies!

They were so cute with each other I had to show the hand holding.

Meet Deacon, Bailee and Aidan. How precious are they?
We met out at the Midland Counry Club and little to my suprise they all had clubs....too precious I tell you.

What a perfect way to end the session with a daddy sandwich...full of kisses!

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