Thursday, May 21, 2009

Poppy & Wes cont..., Austin Engagement Photographer

Here they are folks...I swear these were the hardest images for me to choose from because
A) they don't take a bad picture
B) Poppy is one of my best friends so the pressure is on and
C) there were quite a few images to sort through :)

But, in the end I love each one of these and I'm so glad we decided to wait another day to venture out and get these pictures! The places they took me were such unique locations who could resist. I Love you guys!

We had the coolest time on Poppy's dad's two seater bicycle...I love it when clients bring me new fun! Click on the image to view larger.

I've been dying to take pictures on a hammock and they rocked it! This sequence totally shows off their lovable attitudes!
Hahaha, I haven't laughed this hard in my I ask both of them to sit legs together and just straight on no smile to give me that back in the olden days vibe....little did I know what was about to come...poor Wes just kept sitting there with his legs spread out like a guy being a girl is finally like, "um excuse me but put your legs together"...and like a good fiance he does it...for a split second and this is the shot! Wes you're a trooper, thanks for reminding me the difference between boys and girls.

And who could forget the stars of the day...Railey and Sophie!!!!

I did want to throw a Shout Out about Wes's custom made ain't a Texan without cowboy boots ya'll! Love em!

I can't wait till the reception...a whole lotta boot scootin! This will be my first wedding this year to just be able to attend...well even better, as a bridemaid, but of coarse I will keep the camera close by.


  1. I just want to be singing a sweet country song for that dancing picture. These are gorgeous.

  2. These are just beautiful!! What a great lookin' couple!

  3. These are so sweet. I love them! Congratulations Poppy and Wes!!!

  4. I love the tractor shot. Yall are so freakin' cute!! Love em all.

  5. My Poppy and Wes!!!! What beautiful pictures...y'all are just precious!!!! April, you did an AMAZING job! LOVE EM! xoxoxo!

  6. Poppy & Wes these are presh! I love the site of course too! Wes good job on the modeling! ;) Love you two.... xo

  7. I love them! Especially the bike!