Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Emilie & Colin's E:session, Austin Engagement Photographer

We had soooo much fun this weekend with Em & Colin. I swear you will not meet a nicer person than Emilie. She's a walking ray of sunshine and just kept thanking us all day for taking their pictures....haha I just love her. They are so cute together and I think even Collin was having fun while we made them run up and down downtown :). I'm pretty sure they must've been practicing their serious faces at home bc WOW...gorgeous!

That's my secret goal in sessions...to make the boys enjoy it :). This adorable couple is getting married in July in Cozumel and we just hope we get to attend. It would be Amy's first destination wedding...woohoo! PLENTY more pics to come....it was one tough cookie to only pick these few to post so get ready for some stellar photos coming your way guys.

I'm so proud of my sister...her photos keep getting better and better. Nice shot Amy! I don't give her enough credit on here bc half of the photos we post are hers :) Love you sisterpot.

"In the mix of chaos you'll find love" quote by April Rankin :)

I love Colin's expression...priceless :)

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